Route Messengers of Pennsylvania (RMP) offers white glove delivery services for businesses from Connecticut to Virginia. Whether you need one shipment a month or three shipments each day, we can handle it at low cost. Let us help you plan the most efficient delivery solutions for your needs.

Our services include:

  • Pre-scheduled routed delivery
    We offer daily, weekly or monthly routes with next day delivery of all packages, as well as evening pickups with next day delivery.
  • Pool distribution, including retail deliveries and pick, pack and ship
  • Hub and spoke distribution
    To cut your cost, we can receive your large shipment via any carrier and break it down into individual shipments up and down the Northeast Corridor.
  • Expedited rush service on demand, same day or overnight
  • Freight, warehousing and logistics planning
    Our warehouse facilities offer a secure option for overflow, bulk storage, transfer/cross dock and order fulfillment programs.
  • Scheduling online or by phone
    You’ll get a real person on the phone when you call RMP.
  • Line Hauls
  • Bar coding and web tracking
  • Payment and proof of delivery (POD) processing
  • Airport pickup and delivery
  • Residential Delivery

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our routes to fit special customer needs. If you have time constraints, high volume, one-time needs, a challenging package or a route that requires dedicated staffing, Route Messengers of Pennsylvania will develop a solution.