Executive Team

RMP’s record of accurate, on-time performance testifies to forty-five years of customer satisfaction. Our experienced management team is committed to white glove, hands-on customer service, supported by advanced technology.


Letter from the President

Route Messengers of Pennsylvania (RMP) offers white glove delivery services for businesses from Connecticut to Virginia. Whether you need one shipment a month or three shipments each day, we can handle it at low cost. Let us help you plan the most efficient delivery solutions for your needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our routes to fit special customer needs. If you have time constraints, high volume, one-time needs, a challenging package or a route that requires dedicated staffing, Route Messengers of Pennsylvania will develop a solution.

Marc Frankel, President


Agustine Gonzalez, Operations Manager

Suzanne Mucerino, Customer Service Agent

Richard Phillips, III JR, Operations Manager

Stephen Phillips, Operations Manager

Derek Ross, Operations Manager

Andy Tamarin, Director of Information Technology

Christina Waddington, Customer Service Agent

Karen Waddington, Customer Service Agent